At the end of the year 2000, Grupo Crédito, Interbank and Banco Sudamericano (nowadays Scotiabank Perú) decided to create the first company of trust services in Peru, La Fiduciaria. The company’s objective is to introduce the trust services in Peru, which is an unknown product in the country but essential around the world, as it provides security, transparency and trust to all kind of operations.

Since its begging, thanks to the professionalism of our team, the company satisfices all the trust needs of the financial Peruvian market and of international organisms with their operations in Peru. The market recognizes our capacity and independence and that´s the reason why the 70% of our operations come from organisms that are not our shareholders.

Los Libertadores Street #155, 8th floor, San Isidro, Lima, Perú
Telephone: (511) 710-0660  |  Fax: (511) 222-4260
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Hogar Clínica
San Juan de Dios