La Fiduciaria was founded over 15 years ago and quickly consolidated as the leader in the private market. Although there are an average of ten (10) Trustees in Peru, La Fiduciaria has always maintained a market share greater than 50%. We have structured and administered over nine hundred and fifty (950) trust operations.

We have the largest and most experience structuring and administration teams.

We are an independent company; over 70% of our operations are generated by customers different to our shareholders, which confirms the confidence the market has in us. None of our shareholders are as majority shareholders.


Los Libertadores Street #155, 8th floor, San Isidro, Lima, Perú
Telephone: (511) 710-0660  |  Fax: (511) 222-4260
Fideicomiso del
Hogar Clínica
San Juan de Dios