The team of La Fiduciaria counts with more than 40 professionals with the highest experience in the trust market, and which is always available for our clients. We have a legal team which is highly specialized in the structuration of trust agreements, and an operations and accounting team in order to administrate in an efficient way the trust agreements signed.

Paulo is a lawyer from Universidad de Lima with an MBA on finance by Universidad ESAN, which he got on 1999.


Also, he is a teacher of the financial department in the Escuela de Postgrado de ESAN, of the Instituto de Formación Bancaria, and he is a guest teacher in trust issues in different schools around the country. Paulo has published different articles in business and financial magazines, as well as in newspapers.


Paulo was CEO of a distribution company in Bolivia, and then in a telecommunications´ company in Peru. On the year 2000, he participated in the formation of La Fiduciaria, where he would occupy the CEO place.


Rafael is Bachelor in Industrial Engineering of the Universidad de Lima and has an MBA on Finances and Strategies of Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto, Canadá.


He was a part of the design and implementation of the business plan of La Fiduciaria after its creation in the year 2001. Rafael was Chief of Operations, Administration and Finance, where he was in charge of more than 120 operations. He is also a member of the structuring team of La Fiduciaria. 


After 3 years in Canada, working as a financial consultant for Aviva Canada, he returned to La Fiduciaria to assume the direction of the Commercial Managment.


Paola is collegial public accountant by the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, and has a specialization in Finance. She is currently pursuing a Master in Strategic Management in Centrum. She has over 10 years of experience in the trust market.
Paola and was a member of our team in previous years serving as Chief of Administration and Operations. Then took a step in Banco Interbank, where she worked as Head of Business Support Trusts area.
Currently, Paola is our Administration and Operations Manager, being responsible for supervising more than 530 trusts existing operations. Her responsibilities include the coordination and administration of the trust of our customers, as well as the efficient control of operational risk of the company.

Jorge specializes in financial transactions, corporate law, stock market law and bank regulation. 


He has significant experience in project and corporate financing, fusions and acquisitions, stock market and corporate transactions.

Before working at La Fiduciaria, Jorge worked as Partner in Estudio Rubio Leguía Normand, and previously as Senior Lawyer of Banking and Corporate Finance at Interbank.


Today, Jorge is our Legal Manager and has in charge the structuring and administration processes of the different trust agreements signed with La Fiduciaria. Likewise, he is responsible to answer any legal doubt or question that any of our clients could have about a trust agreement or trust commission.

Susana is a public accountant graduated from Universidad Ricardo Palma and candidate for the Master in Direction of Finance and Administration by Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC). 


Before working at La Fiduciaria, Susana worked as Sub Accountant in Grambs Corporación Gráfica, in charge of the Commodity's Billing and Dispatch's Area.


As an accountant, she was Accountant Asistant at Estudio Contable Rivera, in charge of making analysis reports of financial statements and performing the monthly calculation of the accounting adjustments reflected in accounting entries.


Today, she is Accounting Manager at La Fiduciaria, in charge of controlling all the accounting activities of the company and the trust’s assets.

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