• We develop trust from clients due to the way we administrate the trust agreements with loyalty and transparency.
  • We participate in the development of financial structures that allow the creation of different businesses committed to the national development.
  • We develop flexible services which allow us to adapt to the different needs of our clients. 
  • We are focused on providing the best attention and service to the operations we manage, in order to give and receive loyalty from our clients.
  • We appreciate our committed team members that have a big sense of identification towards our quality policies.
  • We encourage the organizational culture which is focused on the excellence of our customer support.


Los Libertadores Street #155, 8th floor, San Isidro, Lima, Perú
Telephone: (511) 710-0660  |  Fax: (511) 222-4260
Fideicomiso del
Hogar Clínica
San Juan de Dios